February 17, 2013

Meet Chris P. Bacon, An Amazingly Cute Piglet In A Wheelchair

Chris P. Bacon was born on January 13. Unfortunately, Chris was born with a rear leg deformity and his owner could not care for him...or maybe that was the fortunate part? His owners took him to veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero who decided to give this cutie a second chance at life. The good doctor made a wheelchair out of toy parts and Chris suddenly had a new lease on life. You see, although Chris is currently able to get around without his wheelchair by lifting the back end of his body off the ground and walking on his forelimbs, once he gets older and bigger, that will be an impossible task. When Chris grows some more and his body weight increases, his center of balance will shift to the rear of his body and moving around would become an impossible task and would surely lead to his demise. Now, thanks to Dr. Lucero and his wheelchair, that will never become an issue.

The video of Chris learning to use his wheelchair (below) became an instant internet hit and soon Chris was all over the news. Now he is sharing his adventures with the whole world and he seems to love the fame and attention it has brought with it.

You can follow Chris P. Bacon's adventures yourself by clicking on the links below or on his webpage, The Pig Pen


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