February 26, 2013

Shelter Dog Reunited With Original Owner After Ten Years

A few weeks after losing his dog on Christmas Eve to an illness, James Carpentier found himself browsing the adoptable dogs on the Humane Society for Greater Nashua (NH) website. He soon came across a familiar face. A female Basset Hound that resembled the one he lost in a divorce 10 years earlier. This shelter dog was the same age as his former dog and had the same name. Surely, this couldn't be the same dog. "It can't be her," he said. "It's been so long."

What Carpentier didn't know was that his wife surrendered the dog to the Humane Society soon after the divorce was final. An older couple adopted Ginger and took great care of her for 10 years. When the couple was unable to care for Ginger any longer, they returned her to the Humane Society per their adoption contract.

Ginger spent three miserable months at the shelter. She was almost adopted several times, but the adoptions fell through each time. Then, by sheer coincidence, Carpentier found her on the website.

Carpentier contacted the shelter and it soon became clear that Ginger was, indeed, the same dog that Carpentier once owned. Carpentier discussed rejoining Ginger with his family and went to visit her on January 21st.

After 10 years, Ginger hadn't forgotten Carpentier. "She heard my voice. I walked up to her and she kind of gave me a couple of licks or kisses. And I was like, 'She knows who I am, she remembers my voice,'" Carpentier said.

Outreach coordinator Noelle Schuyler knew that the man and his dog had reunited for good. Said Schuyler, "She never gave us kisses. When she started licking his face, that was that moment you could tell she knew."

source: PawNation.com

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