March 16, 2013

Medical Marijuana For Pets?

We have all heard of the benefits of medical marijuana. It can and is used successfully to treat many health disorders, with historical evidence dating all the way back to 2737 BC. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. It is prescribed for a broad range of indications and can be used for nausea and pain relief, and as an appetite stimulant.

After all these years of proven success, more states are now allowing the medical use of marijuana for human use. But if it's helpful for humans, wouldn't it also be helpful to animals who are going through cancer treatments or suffering from any number of illnesses affecting their quality of life?  Dr. Doug Kramer, a California veterinarian thinks so and his mission is to improve pets' quality of life by outlining safe and effective marijuana dosing guidelines.

Click the link below to read about Dr Kramer and some of his patients whose last months of life were lived happy and pain free, thanks to the good doctor and a little plant. - Medical marijuana for dogs?

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