January 23, 2013

Canon 5D Mauled And Killed By A Lion

Professional photographer, Ed Hetherington, was shooting wildlife in Zimbabwe in November last year when he witnessed a lioness killing a buffalo not too far away. When the lioness wandered off to get a drink from a nearby stream, Ed set one of his cameras, fitted with a wide angle lens and a remote control, next to the carcass. He thought he would be able to get some great close-up pictures of the lioness feeding on the buffalo. The lioness, however, had another plan. She thought the camera looked much more interesting than dinner. Ed was able to get a few pictures using the remote control and then snapped more pictures using a second camera he brought with him.

Click here to go to PetaPixel to read the rest of the story and for more great pictures of Ed's adventure with the lioness.

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