January 5, 2013

Happy National Bird Day!

Why National Bird Day?
  • The beauty, songs, and flight of birds have long been sources of human inspiration.
  • Today, nearly 12 percent of the world's 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next century, including nearly one-third of the world's 330 parrot species.
  • Birds are sentinel species whose plight serves as barometer of ecosystem health and alert system for detecting global environmental ills.
  • Many of the world's parrots and songbirds are threatened with extinction due to pressures from the illegal pet trade, disease, and habitat loss.
  • Public awareness and education about the physical and behavioral needs of birds can go far in improving the welfare of the millions of birds kept in captivity.
  • The survival and well-being of the world's birds depends upon public education and support for conservation.
  • Visit the National Bird Day website for more information, fun activities, and learn how you can help (link opens in new window)

We were lucky to have some cardinals build a nest in our large rose bush last year. We watched them from the nest building until the babies fledged. We took pictures almost daily. Here is our tribute to them and one of their very "special" babies we call Junior.

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