January 29, 2013

High School Students Help Flipper The Cat Go Mobile

Meet Flipper. Flipper had some complications when she was born that caused her spinal cord to twist. This resulted in paralysis of her back legs. The only way she could get around was to drag her back legs behind her.

Enter the students from the Blitz Robotic Club at Conifer High School. The kids from the Blitz Robotic Club gave Flipper a new lease on life. They devised a cart that Flipper can use to get around easier. It took a few tries but, third times the charm, and they finally had a good working model. Now, Flipper zips all over the clinic and is able to do everything a little kitten should be doing. 

“This is just the neatest thing,” said Jan Gurney of the Aspen Park Vet Hospital where Flipper has taken up residence. “She loves kicking her back legs to help power the cat-traption around, it gives her so much mobility and in time her legs will get stronger and her spine may also loosen up to allow for her to one day get around on her own.”

source: KDVI

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